Laplink Gold 12 and Laplink Gold host, available for volume licensing to customers needing 5 or more licenses, is designed to meet the remote support and file transfer needs of IT and Mobile Professionals.

If you need to provide remote technical support to field offices, remote servers and mobile professionals over all modes of connectivity, Laplink Gold 12 is the solution for you. Remote computers can be behind firewalls and routers utilizing dynamic IP addresses and with Laplink Gold 12 you will be able to easily connect to those computers with as little as one click! All without compromising security.

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Connectivity, communication, virus-scanning and remote control – all in one product. Laplink Gold 12 is the new standard for secure Remote Access and Virus-free File Transfer and Synchronization.

Laplink Gold 12 lets you connect to other Laplink-enabled computers over any connection type to access critical resources. You can remotely access files and folders, synchronize data between computers, run applications, support co-workers or friends, print files on distant printers, operate, maintain and even reboot computers.

New features in Gold 12 enhance an award-winning product
  • NEW! Laplink Internet - Securely connect through firewalls irrespective of dynamic IP addresses.
  • NEW! Laplink Remote Desktop Support - Native integration of Microsoft's Remote Desktop enhanced with Laplink Internet and added security.
  • NEW! Laplink Antivirus - Securely and safely transfer files to and from any PC.
  • NEW! Windows Authentication - Easily add users and manage their privileges using Microsoft Windows Authentication.
  • NEW! Laplink USB 2.0 Cable - Fastest transfer and response speeds available with volume discounts.
  • NEW! User Interface - Making the easiest-to-use even easier.

Key Benefits to IT Help Desk and Mobile Professionals

  • Easily transfer, copy and synchronize files and folders
  • Multi-layer security and authentication
  • Quickly transmit just the updated portion of files with SpeedSync™
  • Virus checked file transfers
  • Schedule automatic, unattended file transfers as background processes
  • Reliably connect to another PC in a variety of ways (cable, network, modem, Internet) – across the desk or across the world
  • Remotely access PCs, servers or applications – just like being there!–Widely used by mobile professionals and helpdesk personnel
  • Support USB 2.0 and 1.1
Dependable functionality remains
  • Award-winning Remote Control and File Transfer technology.
  • Lighting-fast, virus checked file transfers using SpeedSync® technology which transfers only the changed portion of files.
  • Faster than ever Synchronization with SmartXchange® - synchronize folders in a two-way exchange of files.
  • Versatile PC-to-PC Connections lets you connect computers over the Internet, almost any network, or with you choice of cable type – serial or USB.
  • Schedule Laplink Gold 12 to keep folders and computers synchronized automatically.
  • Capture and retrieve snapshots and obtain system information of remote computers.
  • Push Install to deploy Laplink Gold 12 across the enterprise from a single location.
  • Remotely control PCs running Windows 95 and later operating systems.
  • Voice and text chat to communicate directly with other Laplink Gold 12 users.

System Requirements
  • Microsoft Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, XP/XP Professional or Server 2000/2003
  • 133 MHz or higher Pentium-compatible CPU
  • At least 64 megabytes (MB) of RAM; more memory generally improves responsiveness
  • 30 MB of available hard disk space (for a complete installation)
  • CD-ROM or DVD drive
  • VGA or higher resolution monitor

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