Laplink Internet

Your Laplink Gold account includes one year of Laplink Internet service at no charge. At the end of that year, you must purchase a subscription to continue receiving this service.

About Laplink Internet

Laplink Internet is a simple and secure way of connecting Laplink Gold enabled computers over the Internet, giving you complete access to your computer from virtually anywhere without the need to do any special configuration of firewalls or routers.

Using 128-bit SSL encryption, Laplink Gold maintains a persistent and secure connection to our server, which acts as a bridge for the connection between the Host and Guest computers. There is no need to do any special port configuration of firewalls or routers.

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How to Renew your Laplink Internet Subscription

Please follow these steps after you have completed your Laplink Internet renewal purchase:

  1. Access your serial numbers from one of three locations:
    • The final confirmation webpage at the end of your online purchase
    • In the email purchase confirmation titled, License Code for Laplink Internet (Annual)
    • From your Laplink support account, access My Subscriptions or My Downloads
  2. Once you have your serial numbers, visit and log into your Laplink Internet account. Follow the directions on the webpage if you have forgotten your password.
  3. Click on the My Account tab.
  4. For each PC setup for Laplink Internet, click on the Enter Serial # button under the PC Serial # column to enter a serial number.
  5. After entering the serial number, click Submit, Submit again (to confirm), and then Close.
  6. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 for up to three PCs.